Back on Track Program

Need a weight loss program that works? Get the education and motivation you need to get back on track towards maintaining your optimum weight range with this six-week weight loss plan.

The program cost is $250 and includes: “Back on Track” booklets, Progress Tracker, Assignment Guide, accountability assignments, weigh-ins and a three-month membership to Bariatric Support Centers International, a company that specializes in providing education and support services for weight loss surgery patients.

Components of the Back on Track program:

  • Goal Setting - Gain perspective, recognize strengths and organize your goals by identifying what matters most in your life.
  • Exchanging Habits - Identify old self-defeating behaviors and “exchange” them for new positive habits. Learn proven methods to change habits and make them permanent.
  • Strength-N-Sculpt - Fitness plan made especially for you. Learn how exercise affects metabolism and how to tailor workouts for weight loss and maintenance. This part of the program includes an optional fitness assessment by a certified personal trainer.
  • Kick Start - Learn new ways of eating that help those struggling with weight loss plateaus or regained weight. Includes detailed instructions, shopping list, menus, and food diaries.
  • Maintenance Mentality – Create a weight-maintenance program to last a lifetime. And learn to adapt it to suit your changing lifestyle and needs.

Back on Track classes are $250. For class dates and more information, call Franciscan Center for Weight Management at 253-944-6544 or toll-free 800-823-6525 or email us.