Hospice Team

The Franciscan Hospice and Palliative Care team is comprised of compassionate and skilled professionals experienced in hospice care and palliative medicine, plus volunteers, working together to meet your physiological, psychological, social, spiritual and economic needs. The team includes:

Physicians and advanced nurse practitioners – partners with primary care physician

Registered Nurses – ensure each patient receives optimal, supportive care by coordinating between physicians, facility staff, pharmacists, and the patient’s family

Nursing Assistants – provide comfort focused on personal care and activities of daily living and mobility

Medical staff – support each patient’s primary physician and oversee the expert clinical and palliative care

Pharmacists – prepare medications for delivery right to patients homes and support nurses and the primary care physician in selecting the best medications to keep patients comfortable

Home Medical Equipment Staff – support hospice patients and families

Occupational, physical and speech therapists

Registered dieticians - help you meet your nutritional needs

Comfort therapists – offer massage, music, art, aroma and hypno therapies

Social Workers – deliver counseling and resource management

Home makers – provide specific home maker services so that the family can focus on more meaningful activities with their loved one and clinical staff to focus on their special duties

Volunteers – offer companionship through listening, diversion and activities that enhance quality of life

Grief counselors – provide support to families and professional caregivers

Chaplains – support each patient’s and family’s unique spiritual identity and religious faith

Other services are provided by therapists and dieticians.

To start hospice and palliative care services, call 866-969-7028.
For general information, call 800-338-8305.

Meet our Franciscan Palliative Care Outreach staff