Franciscan Anytime

Benefit-eligible CHI Franciscan Health and Catholic Health employees working at a Franciscan facility and their eligible dependents[1] have access to medical advice and treatment for an illness or minor injury through a unique service called Franciscan Anytime[2], offered as a subsidized benefit by CHI Franciscan Health. The service provides access to board-certified family medicine physicians or advanced registered nurse practitioners to treat your health concerns over the phone, via a web camera (webcam), or in-person with a house call.

Care, when and where you need it

When you’re working, we know it’s not always easy to get care you need during regular clinic hours. When you have a medical concern, and it’s a Saturday night, sometimes you can't wait for your doctor's office to open on Monday morning. Franciscan Anytime providers deliver quality medical care when and where you need it. Our team is skilled at delivering care outside of traditional settings and can handle many common illnesses and injuries, from fevers to the flu to back injuries. They can even suture minor cuts and obtain lab samples or perform tests.

Affordable, convenient, confidential care

Franciscan Anytime costs much less than a typical emergency room visit, where co-pays range from $100-150 for an emergency. Emergency room visits considered non-emergent could costs hundreds of dollars.

For Catholic Health Initiatives Medical Plan members, estimated coinsurance costs are:


Integrated Core

Integrated Basic

Integrated HD/HSA

Member co-insurance



Subject to

Franciscan Anytime
phone care services

Fully covered

Fully covered

Fully covered

Webcam services

Fully covered

Fully covered

Fully covered

House call services

Estimated member
co-insurance costs 

$20 - $84

$24 - $101

Subject to

If you have health insurance coverage from another source, or have opted out of coverage, the cost of your call to Franciscan Anytime and your webcam visit may be fully covered. Individuals covered by federal insurance plans such as Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid or Tricare are not eligible for this type of service at this time. Plan rates and out-of-pocket expenses home visits will vary. Check with your insurance plan for more information.

Franciscan Anytime is completely confidential. CHI Franciscan Health will not receive any personal details of your care. However, your primary care physician or provider will receive a follow-up report to facilitate seamless coordination of your care between Franciscan Anytime and your regular physician/provider.

Why should I use it?


Receive medical care in the comfort of your home on the phone and via webcam.


Avoid out-of-pocket co-pays for emergency department services for care that can be provided via Franciscan Anytime.


Franciscan Anytime is completely confidential. We have contracted with Carena, the leading provider of such services whose clients include Microsoft and Costco. Franciscan will not receive any personal details regarding your care.

How can Franciscan Anytime help me?

Franciscan Anytime is an excellent resource when you are experiencing an urgent health concern and your doctor's office is closed.

Some examples of urgent health conditions include:

  • Back and muscle strains
  • Minor cuts and scrapes
  • Sore throat or ear pain
  • Skin infections
  • Persistent or worsening cough
  • Minor burns
  • Fever

To access Franciscan Anytime, call 1-877-441-1489.

For more information:

Share your Franciscan Anytime experience?

Since Franciscan Anytime is an innovative way to receive care, we want to share our employees’ experiences. If you’ve used Franciscan Anytime and would like to share your experience, please click here.

[1]Definition of benefit-eligible employees: FHS employees .4 FTE and greater; FMG employees .5 FTE and greater. Eligible dependents: includes children up to age 26, and adult dependents (including spouse or any adult dependent of the opposite or same sex that is financially supported by you and lives with you and is enrolled in the CHI Medical Plan). Individuals covered by federal insurance plans such as Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid or Tricare are not eligible for this type of service at this time.
[2]Franciscan Anytime is provided in collaboration with Carena, Inc. and Carena Medical Providers.