A Sign of Peace

I wonder what God's plans are and how I fit into those plans

By Raynette Mae Amiling, RN
St. Anthony Hospital

It was near the end of winter. I could feel spring in the air that afternoon as I walked around the hospital with my camera, trying to record the beauty of my new workplace in the fading afternoon light. I was deep in reflection, wondering how things would go as I settled into my new job. Part of me was saying, "I'll be fine." Another was asking, "Show me a sign that I will be okay here, that I will be at peace here."

As I took pictures, I stopped every now and then to review what I had just taken. Something caught my eye. I noticed that two of the pictures I'd taken of the same cross, less than a minute apart, were curiously different. I froze in my tracks to study them: Did I really see a glow in the middle of one photo and not in the other? I stood there for a bit, pondering what had caused the glow to appear. Then, I remembered that I had asked for a sign. I looked up with a smile and imagined that my supreme being was smiling back at me, saying, "Here is your sign."

I'm sure that a professional photographer could have provided a technical explanation for the glow. I had no need for a technical explanation for how the beautiful glow appeared.

I sometimes wonder what God has in store for me, as I did that afternoon. I wonder what God's plans are and how I fit into those plans. I can get discouraged when things are not perfect the way I want them to be perfect. There are times I look for signs, as I did that afternoon, to confirm my thoughts and feelings.

When I look hard, I see abounding signs that tell me I am blessed and am okay, and the things that I refer to as "imperfections" in my daily life appear less imperfect. I know that I fit into God's plan here.

I'll remember that we are all perfect in our Creator's eye. God's plans for us, though we do not fully grasp them at times, are individually tailored. God knows all my needs. I am keeping my eyes open for those signs. Have you seen your sign today?

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Raynette Mae Amiling, RN
Raynette Mae Amiling, RN