Transradial Procedure Brings Peace of Mind for Heart Patient

Retired police detective Larry Andren was dreading his upcoming angioplasty. He'd had the procedure only a few weeks earlier to clear a blockage.

The memory of the discomfort and inconvenience he'd experienced then with insertion of the catheter through the femoral artery in his groin was fresh. It had been painful and it took several days for him to fully recover.

Fortunately for Larry, he would be among the first patients in the South Puget Sound region to experience the transradial catheterization method at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma. Instead of going through the groin, the cardiologist inserted the catheter through the radial artery in his wrist.

"When they told me they were going to go through the wrist, I thought, 'How is that possible?' But it was a piece of cake!" Larry recalls. "I was wide awake the whole time and able to watch the procedure. There was never any discomfort."

Recovery time was minimal, too. "By the time they brought my wife back to me, I was sitting up and eating a turkey sandwich," Larry says. "I didn't feel anything!"

As a precaution, Larry stayed at St. Joseph overnight. Once he got home, however, his only restriction was to avoid lifting anything heavier than 10 pounds for several days.

Now Larry has returned to his active lifestyle, traveling and restoring vintage vehicles.

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Larry Andren
Larry Andren