We Create Healthier Communities

CHI Franciscan Health is a non-profit organization steeped in a faith tradition and guided by our mission to create healthier communities.

Non-profit vs. Profit: Unlike for-profit businesses that pay dividends to shareholders, Franciscan reinvests its “profit” to sustain or expand programs, upgrade technology, and replace facilities as needed. Our primary shareholders are the communities we serve.

Community Benefit: During our most recent fiscal year, we provided $115.8 million in community benefit, a broad category of free and subsidized programs (i.e., health talks, educational programs, community-building events, charity care, etc.) that support our mission. Learn more.

Charity Care: We serve everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, as part of our healing ministry. We provided $24.9 million in charity (free and reduced-cost) care for individuals who could not afford to pay for needed medical services.

Taxes: Our organization also pays federal, state and local taxes. Being non-profit does not mean tax-free. Franciscan’s tax bill totaled $65.3 million in fiscal year 2012.

Community Benefit exceeds Tax Exemptions: While we receive some tax exemptions as a non-profit organization, we always give more than we receive. The community benefit (including charity care) we provided exceeded our tax exemptions by $78.3 million.

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We focus on healing mind, body and spirit
We focus on healing mind, body and spirit.