Student and Faculty Online Orientation Steps


Please read the entire STEPS page. At bottom of page is link to advance to Table of Contents. At bottom of Table of Contents page is a link to advance to the Orientation packet mentioned below.

Step 1

Read the Orientation packet, answer the post orientation questions and check the answer sheet as a self-study. Do not send the orientation packet, the post orientation questions or answer sheet to Student Placement.

Step 2

Print and sign Student and Faculty Orientation Acknowledgement.

Step 3

Print and sign Student and Faculty Confidentiality Agreement.

Step 4

Print, sign and complete the Clinical Placement Northwest Collaborative Student and Faculty Clinical Passport Requirements (CPNWP) form. All boxes must include a response.

  1. Immunization specifics: CHI Franciscan Health requires a 2 Step TST for each student. The first skin test must be read 48 hours after administration. If the first TST is negative you must obtain a 2nd TST within 1-3 weeks, then annually after that. If your annual TST lapses, you must complete the 2-step process again. CHI Franciscan does not accept QuantiFERON (QFT).  
  2. CHI Franciscan required education specifics:
       1. Standard Precautions training or module
       2. Infectious Medical Waste training or module
       3. Compliance training or module
       4. Emergency Response Procedures training or module
       5. Bloodborne Pathogens and Workplace Safety
    Modules are available at:
    Student login: s0uthStud3nt
    Password: s0uthnurs3!
  3. Background Check (with disclosure statement if applicable)
       1. National Criminal Background Check including Excluded Provider Search on OIG and GSA upon admission.
       2. Washington State Patrol Check WATCH report upon admission/readmission and reentry/hire to nursing program to include all counties of residence, all Washington State counties per RCW 43.43.830 through RCW 43.43.842 annually thereafter.  

Step 5

Send completed orientation acknowledgement, confidentiality agreement and CPNWP to your school representative for them to verify and sign off on content.

Step 6

School representative to send complete, verified and signed Student and Faculty Orientation Acknowledgement, Student and Faculty Confidentiality Agreement and CPNWP via scan and email to: Student Placement Coordinator, or fax to: 253-573-7280.

School representative, when submitting for more than one student; please do not send each student’s paperwork as a separate scan. Send completed paperwork as a combined group.

Step 7 - Nursing Students and Nursing Instructors only

  A - Print and bring the CHI Franciscan Health Nursing Student Orientation Checklist and the CHI Franciscan Health Clinical Objective Form to your first clinical day. Thereafter, a CHI Franciscan Clinical objectives form must be brought with you every day of your clinical.
  B - EPIC Student Nursing and Facility Training/Registration form
  C - Read Mosby’s Blood Glucose Monitoring System AccuChek Inform II. Print and bring to your first clinical day FHS Waive TEST Evaluation Tool for Blood Glucose- AccuChek Inform II and Annual Point of care test for Blood Glucose.

Instructors must complete both steps above and attend a demonstration session. See the class schedule below. It is important that you report for these training sessions on time, please be prompt.

Mosby’s Blood Glucose Monitoring System AccuChek Inform II
  • Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 3 p.m.
  • Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 3 p.m.

CHI Franciscan issued faculty badge is required to attend the training. The code on the badge is needed to utilize the glucometer. Please RSVP to Marylou Anderson to sign up for the training.

Marylou Anderson, Dietitian-Diabetes Educator/253-426-4257  

Step 8

Badges and Temporary Parking Permits
Prior to your first clinical shift or orientation day, it is required that the clinical instructor phone the facility where the students are scheduled for their clinical. Badging/temporary parking permits are issued by appointment on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Walk-ins are welcome 7am-3:30pm Thursdays. Please call in advance to set an appointment for badging. All students and faculty must be badged and have a temporary parking pass while in our health system. Phone numbers are listed below for your use.

St. Anthony Hospital: 253-530-2280
St. Clare Hospital: 253-985-6418
St. Elizabeth Hospital: 360-802-8455
St. Francis Hospital: 253-944-4001
St. Joseph Medical Center (Photo ID office): 253-426-6016

Print and complete CHI Franciscan Health Vehicle Registration Form and bring to the appropriate Security/HR to receive a temporary parking pass. Permits cannot be issued without the plate number listed on the form.

Step 9

For multiple students within a clinical group the school representative may use the CHI Franciscan Class Summary Sheet in lieu of passport (CPNWP) per student.

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