peace of

If you are over 50, you could be at risk
for vascular disease. Low-cost
screenings are a painless route to
peace of mind.

Select one individual screening, or choose all three and save!

Screening Individual
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm $40
Carotid Artery Disease $40
Peripheral Artery Disease $40
Total $120
A cost savings of $20!

About vascular disease

Vascular disease, a leading cause of death in the U.S., often exhibits no warning signs or symptoms until a potentially life-threatening event occurs. Millions of people may be at risk for stroke or death from vascular disease. Schedule your quick, painless screening today.

Using ultrasound technology, we screen for the following:

Abdominal aortic aneurysm:

Enlarged area in your aorta, a major blood vessel in your abdomen, that could rupture

Carotid artery disease:

Caused by plaque deposits that can restrict blood flow in your carotid arteries and increase your risk for stroke

Peripheral artery disease:

Caused by plaque deposits in the vessels that supply blood to the extremities and more, increasing your risk for stroke, heart attack or other problems

Franciscan Vascular Labs

Schedule your lifesaving
vascular screening today!

Who can benefit from these low-cost screenings?

Men and women over 50, as well as those with:

  • – Diabetes
  • – Family history of stroke, or heart or vascular disease
  • – High cholesterol
  • – Significant history of smoking
  • – High blood pressure

Vascular screening locations:

Auburn | Bremerton | Enumclaw | Federal Way | Gig Harbor
Lakewood | Tacoma

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