The most advanced neurosciences, the most compassionate care

Stroke Care SJMCCHI Franciscan Health offers the most advanced neurosciences services available for conditions of the brain, nervous system and spine. Our medical staff is made up of experienced neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-interventional radiologists, neurology consultants and other specialists who offer the latest treatments for a wide variety of neurological diseases and disorders. Whatever the need, Franciscan offers the most advanced medical treatments and surgical care in virtually every neurological field.

Our goal is to give the highest quality of medical care in a compassionate and understanding environment that is close to home, offering hope to you and your loved ones.

Our care includes the following diagnostic tools, medical programs and care:

  • Gamma Knife – St. Joseph Medical Center was the first hospital in the region to use this state-of-the-art technology in the treatment of life-threatening brain disorders
  • Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) – this procedure offers new hope to patients with Parkinson’s, dystonia and essential tremors
  • Image-guided surgery – these techniques allow more precision in surgery
  • Spine center – we meet the area’s growing need for total care of back pain through guided access to the range of care patients need
  • Head, neck and spinal surgery – from minimally invasive spinal procedures to brain tumor surgery, we offer a variety of neurosurgical procedures and expertise
  • Stroke treatment – our hospitals provide world-class care for patients suffering from stroke—from rapid response in our emergency rooms, to highly trained staff in our neuro-interventional procedure rooms and our innovative neuro critical care unit, to comprehensive therapies for post-stroke care
  • Neuro-rehabilitation – we provide specialized therapy and care for patients suffering from stroke or brain injuries or living with neuromuscular diseases
  • General neurological services – our specialty-trained staff offer expertise in the range of neurological conditions, including migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • Sleep disorders centers – dedicated centers providing diagnostic testing and care for a wide range of sleep ailments