Terri Coty's Success Story

Terri Coty

TerriGet inspired: Hear how gastric bypass surgery started Terri Coty on her journey to improved health.

Gastric bypass surgery improves chronic health problems

Terri Coty reached a breaking point at 260 pounds. Along with her lifelong weight issue came arthritis, asthma, depression, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

At 58, Terri said she was on a downward spiral—until she researched bariatric surgery and attended a seminar at Franciscan Center for Weight Management.

“I tried every diet,” Terri says. “I would reach my goal, then something in my mind would say it’s time to eat again. But after the seminar and learning about my options, I was pumped up. I thought, ‘I can do this!’”

After a brief, supervised medical weight-loss plan prior to surgery, Terri had her gastric bypass in November 2011. She reached her goal weight of 143 pounds at the end of September 2012—a loss of 117 pounds in less than a year.

Some other important numbers? Her dress and pant sizes dropped from size 20 to size four. And her triglycerides fell from 302 to 64. But to Terri, one of her most important numbers is the circumference of her waist. Now her family can get their arms all the way around to give her hugs.

Terri can also play on the floor with her grandchildren. Her other chronic medical conditions—including her mood—have either resolved or improved drastically. Terri says, “My energy levels are through the roof. I’d do it 10 times over again!”

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