Gastric Bypass Success Story: Kayla Townsend and Rita Hoober

Townsend and Hoober

Rita and KaylaSee how this mother and daughter changed their lives for the better with the help of our weight-loss specialists.

Successful weight loss with gastric bypass

Rita and her daughter, Kayla, were ready to commit to a lifestyle change. Any physical activity exhausted Kayla, and Rita suffered from sleep apnea and achy joints.

Rita, who had considered surgery for several months, convinced Kayla to join her at our free seminar on surgical weight loss. They decided that the gastric bypass procedure was the best option to turn their lives around.

Rita and Kayla scheduled their gastric bypass surgeries on the same day in 2012. After that, they immediately started a six-month nutrition regimen to prove their commitment to keeping the weight off after surgery. “Getting our surgery done on the same day has been the best support system for both of us,” says Kayla.

Kayla and her mom have also bonded over their once-a-week meetings, where they take their measurements, take photos and compare weight-loss success stories. While tracking these weekly measurements is motivation in itself, Rita says it’s the relationship with her daughter that continues to keep her on track. “This whole experience has strengthened the relationship I have with my daughter and brought us much closer together,” Rita adds.

Since their surgery, Rita and Kayla have lost a combined 205 pounds. They’re enjoying their newfound energy with new activities like kayaking and playing tennis.

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