LAP-BAND Surgery Success Story: Kay Vick

KayWeight loss through LAP-BAND surgery can help improve or resolve chronic health conditions. Kay Vick tells how she rediscovered health with the help of Franciscan Center for Weight Management.

Weight loss success with LAP-BAND surgery

At 44, Kay Vick weighed 246 pounds. She had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnea—and she was about to be prescribed insulin for her diabetes.

Kay had been researching weight-loss surgery. She took notice when her health plan began to cover LAP-BAND surgery—the only bariatric surgery procedure she qualified for because of a prior abdominal surgery.

In 2009, Kay had her LAP-BAND procedure at Franciscan Center for Weight Management. Today, she weighs just 127 pounds and wears size 5/6 instead of 22/24. “My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner,” Kay says.

As a customer service representative with a prominent health insurer, Kay sometimes talks with members about the benefits of bariatric surgery. “I can share only my experience with them - but I definitely tell them what I experienced,” Kay says.

Weight loss hasn’t been Kay’s only benefit, either. She’s off her medications. “Three months after surgery, my cholesterol was normal. And I never had to give myself shots,” Kay explains.

Recently her husband commented that she’s stopped sleeping all the time. “He said I just go-go-go! I told him that’s right - and he had better keep up!” Kay says.

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