Gastric Bypass Success Story: Chris Gould-Hill

Chris Gould-Hill had gastric bypass surgery, which jump-started her dramatic weight loss. Read more about how she transformed her life and health.

Gastric bypass surgery for a healthy lifestyle

Now 40, Chris Gould-Hill had been slender when she met her husband of 22 years in high school. But issues with a sibling’s health during high school, plus eventual prescriptions to treat her bipolar disorder, led to years of weight gain. It didn’t stop until she had gastric bypass surgery performed by Troy Houseworth, MD, at Franciscan Center for Weight Management in May 2012.

At her heaviest, Chris weighed 295 pounds. “I’m a short person. I was just so huge I didn’t care anymore. I wouldn’t be in photographs. I hardly left the house,” she says. “I would ask my husband, ‘How can you love me?’ He would say, ‘I love the person within you.’”

Since her bariatric surgery, Chris has lost more than 100 pounds. Her husband has also lost 25 pounds because of their healthier lifestyle. “The weight is off my knees, I can wear size 2X instead of 5X - and I’m still going!” Chris says.

Recently, Chris attended her husband’s company picnic for the first time. “People said, ‘Oh, we’ve heard about you, but never seen you!’” she says. “Today I have the confidence to be part of my husband’s life - and also my own.”

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