Transfusion-Free Techniques

We’re committed to supporting your desire to avoid the use of donor blood during medical and surgical procedures. To this end, our skilled medical and surgical professionals employ state-of-the-art medical technology and techniques, such as:

  • A hyperbaric oxygen chamber delivers oxygen under increased pressure to improve tissue oxygenation in cases of extreme anemia and would healing.  
  • Volume expanders are IV fluids that enhance the circulation of your own blood.
  • Medications, such as synthetic erythropoietin, can help stimulate bone marrow to produce red blood cells and promote clotting.
  • Blood salvage and hemodilution helps save, filter and recirculate your blood during surgery.
  • Specialized devices, such as scalpels designed to reduce blood loss, lasers, robotic-assisted surgery, and other tools, that help reduce blood loss during surgery.
  • Blood conservation techniques, such as lowering your blood pressure and temperature during surgery and using micro-sampling techniques that reduce the amount of blood needed for testing, help conserve blood.

Contact us before you need care

Even if you’re not planning a hospital stay in the near future, contact our program manager or nurse coordinators via phone at 253-426-6918 (toll-free: 1-888-311-2655) or email to discuss your wishes for future care or get answers to your specific questions. It’s very important to plan ahead so that your wishes are known in case of an emergency admission to the hospital.