Residency Requirements and Criteria for Selection of CPE Residents

  • Practical mastery of basic theological concepts and language, preferably through a Master of Divinity Degree from an approved theology school
  • Motivation for a professional career as a clinical chaplain or clinical pastoral educator, preferably as evidenced by ordination in a major faith group
  • Breadth and depth in one’s framework for organizing spiritual care
  • Capacity for awareness and use of one’s own feelings in conversation and learning
  • Successful experience in use of a peer supervisory group process
  • Motivation for developing and providing excellent spiritual care service on the specialty treatment unit for which application is being made
  • Motivation for spiritual care learning as a lifelong process
  • Capacity to articulate understanding of one’s own strengths and weaknesses as a care provider and awareness of one’s own personal growth and clinical learning issues
  • Successful experience of and motivation for collaborative ministry on spiritual care and interdisciplinary treatment teams
  • Capacity to interpret the spiritual values, beliefs and practices of the applicant’s own religious tradition
  • Personal vigor and enthusiasm for spiritual care work and learning
  • Cultural, religious and social system awareness and openness
  • Successful interview with key management and clinical leaders on the specialty unit for which application is being made

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Applications should be submitted to:
Garrett Starmer, M. Div., Psy. D.
Clinical Pastoral Education
St. Joseph Medical Center
PO Box 2197
Tacoma, WA 98401
Phone: 253-426-6735
Fax: 253-426-4924