Research Center Information for Sponsors, Facilities and Equipment

The CHI Franciscan Health Research Center has been conducting clinical research since 1998. We specialize in Phase II-IV clinical research services. Our experience includes inpatient and outpatient trials, including but not limited to cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurology, oncology, pulmonary, and renal studies. The Research Center is a member of the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Institute for Research and Innovation (CIRI) network.

Recruitment demographics

The Research Center has conducted a number of trials in various volunteer programs. The population of the greater Tacoma/Seattle area is 2 million. Tacoma's population, with significant ethnic and cultural diversity, is consistent with U.S. demographics, providing a broad subject base for investigators.

Subject population

Over 90% of our enrolled participants are recruited from physicians' practices or from within our hospitals. Thus, established patients with documented medical histories are enrolled into CHI Franciscan Health conducted studies. Research Center also has relationships with a variety of medical specialists, which allows for completion of studies in specialized patient populations or which require specialized procedures.

CHI Franciscan is committed to the following strategic initiatives for its five service line institutes:

  • Be a market leader.
  • Become a destination health care institute.
  • Employ effective physician leadership committees.
  • Develop a single clinical standard and a single system of care across CHI Franciscan.

Facilities and equipment

Our main research clinic provides two patient exam rooms and a blood draw room. Multiple satellite research offices throughout the CHI Franciscan network also facilitate research-related patient and provider interactions. We currently have research offices located in the following medical facilities: Federal Way, Harrison, Highline, Poulsbo, Puyallup, Silverdale and Tacoma.

Our equipment includes:

Onsite 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) machine equipment

Daily maintained temperature logs for the following:

  • Secure, locked, climate controlled study drug storage
  • Freezers (-20° and -70°)
  • Refrigerator
  • Dry ice available

Investigational product supply room

  • Research Center provides safe and secure investigational supply rooms for study drug storage
  • Controlled Substance Registration Certification (Schedule II, III, IIIN, IV, & V)
  • Double verification at time of drug dispensing
  • Limited access room
  • Certified ventilation hoods/glove boxes for preparation of IV medications
  • Scientific refrigerator with alarm (monitored 24 hours a day)
  • Climate controlled and documented


  • Secured 33 cubic foot refrigerator
  • All equipment is maintained regularly with documentation per GCP, GLP guidelines

Sample storage

Long and short term storage of samples is available. We have -70° and -20° freezers to accommodate your specific trial needs. Our freezers are backed up by a generator to ensure the value of your information.

For more information regarding CHI Franciscan research

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