Joint Replacement Program

The goal of the orthopedic team is to keep you moving — getting you back to your daily routines and activities. Over many years of providing joint replacement services across the Puget Sound area, we’ve honed our approach to achieving the best results possible for you and pride ourselves on providing excellent clinical care.

That’s why our program focuses on providing education and helping you understand what to expect. At all of our facilities, our program begins at the time of your initial surgical consultation and continues through surgery, rehabilitation, return home and follow-up (90 days after surgery). This comprehensive approach helps you:

  • Spend less time in the hospital and return home faster
  • Focus on rehabilitation: Getting up and on the move sooner
  • Achieve the best outcomes possible

The goal of our program is to empower you to be an active participant in your care, so that every step of the joint replacement journey is successful. Talk with your doctor or surgeon to learn more about the process.

Total Joint Replacement Program at St. Joseph Medical Center

If you’re considering joint replacement at St. Joseph Medical Center, our total joint replacement program features a dedicated nurse navigator and care coordinator. These team members are your go-to resource for any questions you might have and will help facilitate your care from start to finish (90 days post-surgery), so you always know what’s next and can quickly get the answers to your questions.

This program also allows us to coordinate care with your primary care doctor, orthopedic specialist and any other specialists through the use of electronic medical records, so we are looking at your total health care profile and treating you as a single, coordinated team. In addition, we bundle these appointments together into one claim.

The user-friendly Wellbe patient portal will provide 24/7 access and communication among you and your entire care team. This web-based application guides you through pre-surgical education, provides appointment notification, allows your support team to be closely involved and provides a forum to ask questions and get a quick response.