Patient Stories

Jeff BonnellMinimally Invasive Heart Surgery
Franciscan got me on the mountain again, I have never felt better!
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FrankHeart Care
I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do this surgery than Dr. Hampton or a better hospital to have it done than St. Joseph.
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NormanHeart Care
It was so convenient to have all of these tests done within one single visit, each test was done by a different individual and they were so professional.
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BillyHeart Care
I feel really lucky that I was able to receive all the care I needed close to where I live and can easily travel to see them for follow-up exams.
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Barbara SilverfeatherHeart Care
I felt like Dr. Hecker knew everything I was going through and she took the time to thoroughly explain everything to me along the way.
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Bob DeYoungHeart Care
Bob said he believed in Dr. Reed’s skill and in the care he was getting and the relationships he had forged at Harrison.
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Levi PlayHeart Care

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Mike PlayHeart Health

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Mavis PlayHeart Care

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Dave Budik  testimonialHeart Health
I feel great.

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