Franciscan Pain Rehabilitation Clinic

Coping with chronic pain isn’t easy. It’s not only about what hurts physically, it is also about not being able to engage in important activities such as work, family interactions, chores and recreation. For many people, it’s about the depression, frustration, anxiety and worry about the future that can accompany chronic pain.

How we help

We’ve been providing effective options to improve quality of life and increase function for over 35 years, and our program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Our specialists will develop and implement an individualized program for your pain.

As a rehabilitation program, we also focus on teaching you the skills you need to improve how you cope with pain, helping you increase activity and regain independence and quality of life. Our personalized and comprehensive team treatment approach can help break through the fear of re-injury or more pain that can keep people from returning to work or fully enjoying life.

Our location

St. Clare Hospital Resource Center
4908 112th St. SW, Lakewood
Phone: 253-985-6560
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Even if your pain hasn’t responded well to medications or other treatment approaches in the past, we can help. Call 253-985-6560 to take the first step toward relieving your pain.