Cancer Care at St. Francis Hospital

St. Francis Hospital campus
34515 9th Avenue South
Federal Way, WA 98003

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COC Seal 2015Finding the best possible care for yourself or a loved one is your top priority when you’ve just received a cancer diagnosis. High-quality care that’s close to home can go a long way toward relieving your stress. At St. Francis Hospital, our multidisciplinary team includes board-certified surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists and cancer specialists who provide award-winning cancer treatment with compassion. St. Francis is accredited with Centers of Excellence in breast screening and diagnostics at the Breast Health Center, surgical oncology at the St. Francis Breast Clinic, and Radiation Oncology for all types of cancer.

Expert cancer specialists in Federal Way

You’ll receive care from a comprehensive team of cancer experts, including:

  • Board-certified oncologists in hematology and medical oncology
  • Board-certified radiation oncologists
  • Board-certified radiologists and pathologists
  • Board-certified surgeons
  • Certified oncology nurses
  • Dieticians, Pharmacists, Therapists, Social Workers, Genetic Testing
  • Integrative Therapy (acupuncture, medical oncology skin care, massage)

Here you’re not only part of the team, you’re the most important member. You’ll partner with your care team and share in the decisions about your treatment.

National recognition for excellence in cancer care at St. Francis

We’re proud to be among the top cancer programs in the country accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, adhering to the highest standards of cancer patient care and outcomes. We’re one of the largest cancer care providers in the Puget Sound, treating thousands of patients annually.

Comprehensive cancer services in Federal Way

As one of the largest, most comprehensive providers of expert cancer care in the Puget Sound, you’ll find a full range of cancer services—from prevention and screening to treatment and survivorship. And with our expansive navigator program, including specialty nurse navigators and community (lay) navigators, you’ll always have someone to help you find your way, answer your questions and listen to your concerns. Learn more about our services.

Your care may take place in one of the following clinics on the St. Francis campus.

Clinic locations

Franciscan Surgical Associates at St. Francis/St. Francis Breast Clinic (breast, colon cancers)
34509 Ninth Avenue South
Suite 204
Federal Way, WA 98003

Franciscan Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates at St. Francis (Thoracic Oncology or lung cancer)
34509 Ninth Avenue South
Suite 107
Federal Way WA 98003

Franciscan Breast Center at St. Francis (breast screening and diagnostics)
St. Francis Medical Pavilion
34503 9th Avenue South
Suite 320
Federal Way, WA 98003

Franciscan Health Cancer Care Infusion Clinic
St. Francis Medical Office Building
34509 9th Avenue South
Suite 107
Federal Way, WA 98003

Northwest Medical Specialties
34509 9th Avenue South
Suite 107
Federal Way, WA 98003

Radiation Oncology at St. Francis
St. Francis Outpatient Center
34515 9th Avenue South
Federal Way, WA 98003

Surgical oncology

If you need specialized surgical care, our board certified and fellowship-trained oncology surgeons have expertise in breast, colon, lung, and gynecologic cancers, and others using the latest surgical techniques for minimally invasive procedures such as advanced laparoscopic surgery and robotic-assisted surgery, which use smaller instruments, fewer incisions and computer technology to assist surgeons in achieving precise results.

St. Francis: Specialists in radiation oncology

Radiation therapy is a common treatment for cancer: more than half of all cancer patients receive some type of radiation treatment. Our partner in radiation oncology, Virginia Mason Medical Center, is a pioneer in the use of targeted radiation therapy. This treatment results in a shorter course of treatment and less damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

We specialize in several innovative approaches, including:

  • Brachytherapy: a radioactive implant to target cancer tumors
  • Image-guided radiation therapy: 3-D images to guide radiation treatment, sparing nearby healthy tissue
  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy: small, controlled beams to precisely target tumors
  • Interventional radiology: images to guide minimally invasive surgery to target cancer tumors

ACR with captionThe Radiation Oncology Center at St. Francis is the only private radiation oncology program—and one of just two in Washington—to receive national accreditation from the American College of Radiology. This recognition means you can expect the highest standards in cancer care. Our Radiation Oncology Center also offers an indoor meditation room and education center.

Cancer clinical trials in Federal Way

At St. Francis, we participate in research and clinical trials and are actively seeking patients to join them. The benefits of joining a clinical trial include:

  • Gaining access to leading-edge treatments that are not yet widely available
  • Helping further medical science, which will benefit future cancer patients
  • Participating in research studies for cancer prevention, cancer control and quality of life

Ask your doctor for more information about clinical trials and how to access one that is right for you.