Prostate and Urological Services

If you have cancer that affects the bladder, kidneys, prostate gland and other urological functions, we can help. At CHI Franciscan Cancer Care, you’ll receive care from cancer specialists, who have the experience and expertise in treating people with prostate and urological cancers.

Prostate screening and diagnosis

We offer screening for prostate cancer for men ages 55 years and older and those at high risk. Learn more about prostate cancer screening.

If screening shows that you may have prostate cancer, our urologic oncologists can confirm prostate cancer through:

  • A tissue biopsy to check for cancer cells
  • Ultrasound

Prostate and urological cancer treatment options

Our urologic oncology team is board certified and fellowship trained, bringing national experience from the top cancer centers in the county. Our cancer specialists are part of a multidisciplinary team approach to treating prostate and urological cancers. Experts from several specialties will work together to design a personalized treatment plan specifically for your individual case, which may include one or more of the following:

  • Active surveillance (or watchful waiting)
  • Medical Oncology, including Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy for prostate cancer that has spread
  • Immunotherapy using a vaccine to boost the immune system to attack the cancer cells (advanced prostate cancer)
  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgery
  • Targeted therapies, such as antibodies that target specific molecules within cancer cells (kidney cancer)

Because we’re part of CHI, one of the largest health care providers in the country, you’ll have access to the latest research and innovations through the CHI Institute for Research and Innovation as well as national clinical trials as part of our participation in the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP).

Ask your doctor about how to access clinical trials.

Care without the commute

You can receive treatment for prostate and urological cancers at our premier treatment centers conveniently located throughout the Puget Sound area:

Find a specialist

Your first visit is with a board-certified surgeon or a medical oncologist, who will discuss the next steps with you. Find a surgeon or medical oncologist.