Cancer survivorship programs

For the first time in US and in human history, there are millions of cancer survivors. As a consequence, there is also a need for on–going cancer survivorship programs. Franciscan Cancer Care recognized this need several years ago and has developed cancer survivorship programs and services to support all survivors.

While being a cancer survivor is a great victory, the disease and treatment can leave survivors with physical, mental, and spiritual challenges after active treatment is complete. The treatment may also change patient’s total health situation; he/she may need more careful monitoring by a doctor after treatment is finished.

Survivorship services and programs are intended to:

  • offer information and recommendations to address these challenges
  • provide inspiration and encouragement
  • provide tools for coping with and facing a new “normal”

Physical concerns may include:

  1. How do I cope with side effects or limitations?
  2. Do I need some therapy to improve my mobility or quality of life?
  3. What kind of medical care do I need now?
  4. What lifestyle choices can I make that will help me to live a long and healthy life?

Mental concerns may include:

  1. I don’t think as clearly as I once did – Is there something I can do about that?
  2. How can I reduce the stress I feel?

Spiritual concerns may include:

  1. What meaning or purpose does my life have now? How did cancer change this?
  2. How does cancer change the way I live my life and my goals for the future?

Pierce County Cancer Survivor Conference

Since 2009, Franciscan Cancer Care has led and sponsored a community-wide Cancer Survivor Conference. Many community providers and non-profit organizations come together to provide a comprehensive program to meet the needs of cancer survivors. This event offers presentations on side-effects, mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, art therapy, disability, hormone-dependent cancers, sexuality, stress-reduction techniques and other topics chosen by survivors.

To view a complete list of the past conference events along with individual speaker presentations please visit:

This website also links to other community and national resources for survivors including webinars, presentations, and providers of cancer supportive care and additional needs of survivors.