Introducing 24/7 Care from Franciscan Highline Medical Center

At Franciscan Highline Medical Center, we know your health concerns don’t just happen during office hours. That’s why, in addition to our convenient clinic hours, our primary care clinics now offer after-hours medical care to many of our patients via a virtual visit—by phone or webcam. Now, even when our doors are closed, we are still ready to serve you; 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Virtual visits offer safe and secure medical care for many of the common illnesses and injuries we regularly treat in our clinics. Whenever you need care, simply phone your Franciscan Medical Clinic at the usual number. If it’s after office hours, you will talk with a patient services representative who can connect you with a trained virtual visit provider. The provider will assess your concern and determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Whenever you need care, day or night, simply phone your regular Franciscan Medical Clinic.
  2. If it’s after office hours, a patient services representative will give you the option to receive care via a virtual visit or to have the on-call doctor paged.
  3. If you choose the virtual visit option, a primary care provider will contact you to assess your condition and determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Your treatment plan may include a prescription from your virtual visit provider.

It’s convenient, low-cost, and you don’t even have to leave home. At Franciscan, we are there for you when you need us most—anytime, day or night.

Frequently asked questions

How are virtual visits different from calling an on-call provider?

On-call providers are available to help you assess the urgency of your medical concern and make a recommendation on whether you should wait for the clinic to reopen the next day or go to an emergency room. They are not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe medications outside of a regular clinic visit.

Is there a charge for a virtual visit?

There is a $35 flat fee for the virtual visit. This fee may be collected by credit card at the time of your virtual visit.

Can I use my Health Spending Account (HSA) account for paying my bill?

Yes, virtual visits can be paid with your HSA funds.

Will my regular provider know about my virtual visit?

Yes. Your primary care doctor or professional provider will receive documentation about your virtual visit. Your health records will also be updated.

How do I access virtual visits?

Just call your Franciscan Medical Clinic any time after normal clinic hours or on weekends.

Who is eligible for virtual visits?

Any patients covered by commercial insurance or who pay out-of-pocket for medical care can access this service. Unfortunately, due to federal regulations, patients who participate in government-funded insurance programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, are not eligible for telemedicine “virtual visit” services at this time.

What are the technical requirements for accessing a virtual visit via webcam?

All you need to access a virtual visit is a computer, smartphone, or tablet such as an iPad with a webcam and an internet connection.

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