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NewbornChoose CHI Franciscan Health for the best beginnings! We are honored to help you and your family by providing the finest childbirth and parenting resources in the Puget Sound. All of our classes are taught by qualified, specialty educators.


Register online (below) or over the phone by calling 1-888-825-3227 (se habla Espanol). Registration services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

FREE with Provider One: Childbirth Preparation, Teen Childbirth Preparation, Childbirth Preparation Spanish.

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Class list

Balance after Birth   Visita guiada del centro de maternidad Franciscan Family Birth Center at St. Joseph  
1-Stop Package   Preparacion para el parto (en Espanol)  
Family Birth Center Tour   Breastfeeding Preparation  
Safe Baby 411   Newborn Preparation and Care  
Childbirth Preparation   CPR/Infant Safety  
Teen Childbirth Preparation   Safe Sitter  
Childbirth Preparation Online e-Class   Stork Express  
Especially Yours   Waterbirth Basics  
The Midwifery Birth Center at St. Joseph Medical Center Orientation and Tour    

Balance after Birth

Balance After BirthEmotional support groups for the postpartum period. In partnership with Postpartum Support International.

Even when all is going well, many families can use additional support. These drop-in groups provide a welcoming, non-judgmental space for new parents to talk about the emotional changes and challenges of parenthood. Come find support, friendship and fresh ideas for your parenting journey.

Offered on the St. Francis Hospital campus in Federal Way.

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1-Stop Package

$25 Discount / Available only at St. Joseph Medical Center, Harrison Medical Center and St. Francis Hospital.
Registration by phone only at 1-888-825-3227.

Designed for those who care to spend a weekend day preparing for their baby’s homecoming, this one-day offering is specially priced and includes Breastfeeding Preparation, Newborn Preparation, and CPR/Infant Safety class for two. All three classes must be taken on the same day.

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Family Birth Center Hospital Tour

Most of our hospital based family birth centers offer free tours. Tour the hospital birth center of your choice and learn how to make the most of your hospital stay. Tours of hospital-based birth centers are included in every childbirth prep class. Tours of Harrison Medical Center Family Birth Center are offered in childbirth preparation classes hosted at the facility site, and via the Stork Express. Tours and orientation to the Midwifery Birth Center at St. Joseph Medical Center are available here.

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The Midwifery Birth Center at St. Joseph Medical Center Orientation and Tour

This class is required for the Midwifery Birth Center patients. Take the class between 30-35 weeks of pregnancy. Class covers what to expect if you plan to deliver at the Midwifery Birth Center at St. Joseph Medical Center. Orientation class reviews comfort items for labor, postpartum care of mother and baby, and required follow-up for both.

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Safe Baby 411

Private 3 hour class for 2 students includes CPR and Infant Safety, Infant CPR Anytime kit including DVD and Mini Baby manikin (great for teaching grandparents at home!), Car Seat Safety Class, and Car Seat Installation by a Certified Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Technician. The CPS technician will supervise appropriate installation of your car seat into your vehicle.

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Childbirth Preparation

Family Ed 02Increase your readiness for labor and delivery. This class includes labor coping techniques, phases and stages of labor, cesarean birth, medication options, newborn care and more! Offered in four week and one day formats. All Childbirth Preparation classes include a tour of a Franciscan Family Birth Center.
$125/couple or FREE with Provider One/DSHS card  

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Teen Childbirth Preparation

This four-week class is designed for pregnant and parenting teens. Covers labor and delivery, labor coping techniques, cesarean birth, newborn care, healthy diet and other information relevant to the unique needs of pregnant teens.
$60/couple or FREE with Provider One/DSHS card

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Childbirth Preparation Online e-Class

Ideal for the busy 21st century parent, or women on bed rest, this class is well-suited for families with limited flexibility to attend classes in-person. Quality, evidence-based material within a simple and easy-to-use online interface. Content includes instructive videos, interactive activities, and access to handouts. Class duration is four to six hours. Your login for class access is forwarded within 48-72 hours after registration.

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Especially Yours

This is a personalized three-hour private childbirth education course for the expectant mother and her companion. Registered students personally select class content after arranging the date, time and location which best suits their schedule. A private tour of a Franciscan Family Birth Center is an option.

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Visita guiada del centro de maternidad Franciscan Family Birth Center at St. Joseph

Family Birth Center Tours in SpanishVisitas gratuitas al Centro de Maternidad para padres que vallan a dar a luz o esten interesados en aprender mas acerca del Centro Medico de St Joseph. La clase incluye visitar el centro de maternindad y mas informacion valuable para ayudarle a sacar el maximo provecho de su estadia en el hospital.

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Preparacion para el parto (en Espanol)

Esta clase está dedicada a aumentar su comprensión del trabajo de parto y el parto. La clase le proporciona a usted y a un acompañante información sobre el trabajo de parto y el parto, conciencia de la respiración, posiciones para el trabajo de parto, medidas de comodidad, el uso de medicamentos, parto por cesárea y vaginal después de una cesárea (Pvdc) y recién nacidos. Formato de un día solamente, solo en St. Joseph medical center. Gratuito con una tarjeta del proveedor.
$125/pareja o libre con el Proveedor One / DSHS Card

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Breastfeeding Preparation

Family Ed 03Class topics include initiation of breastfeeding, how to get breastfeeding off to the very best start, positioning options, how to know your baby is feeding well, preventing common problems and how to access breastfeeding help after you leave the hospital.

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Newborn Preparation and Care

Family Ed 04This one-time class includes topics such as care of mom and baby, car seats, immunizations, diapering, bathing, helpful hints for adjusting to new roles, and health and safety issues.

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CPR/Infant Safety

Family Ed 07This CPR course teaches life-saving skills for infants and children, relief of choking and strategies to childproof your home. This class is intended for people who want to learn CPR but do not need a completion or certification card.
$60/person, $90/couple

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Safe Sitter

A full-day, babysitter training program for 11-13 year olds to learn child care, safety skills and emergency preparedness. Includes a test to fulfill course requirements.

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Stork Express

(Family Birth Center at Harrison only)
When labor starts, you want to focus on what’s most important—you and your baby. With the Stork Express preadmission program at the Family Birth Center at Harrison, you can take care of most of the necessary paperwork, consent forms, and questions before your delivery! Appointments are usually scheduled during your eighth month of pregnancy, or approximately 30 days before your due date.
FREE Only offered on the Harrison Medical Center-Silverdale campus.

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Waterbirth Basics

This FREE online class is required for patients interested in delivering in water at St. Joseph Medical Center. Written class content explores the risks and potential benefits of delivering in the water.

Before registering for this class, interested participants should discuss their intention to seek this type of delivery with their health care provider to determine if they are a good candidate. Please note that this class should be completed before 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Within 24 hours of class registration, participants will receive an internet link via email directing them to a webpage with the online class content. The class takes less than one hour to complete.

Patients interested in this birthing option are strongly encouraged to participate in a Prepared Childbirth class at St. Joseph Medical Center which also includes a tour of the family birth center.

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