Your Care Team

A collaborative, multidisciplinary team approach to cancer care

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At Franciscan Cancer Center, we provide each patient with a team of specialists, including highly skilled board certified surgeons, board-certified oncologists, and radiation oncologists. Our physicians specialize in specific cancer treatment including: breast, lung, colon, stomach, ovarian, prostate, bladder, brain, head and neck.

You'll also have the support of specially trained oncology nurses, board-certified radiologists, pharmacists, pathologists and, as well as social workers, occupational and physical therapists, nutritionists and chaplains. And if needed, we'll even bring the care to you, through our expert team of home care and palliative care specialists.

Each member of our cancer care team has special training to support cancer patients. They work together to manage care, develop treatment plans, arrange for resources both inside and outside the clinic or hospital, providing personalized attention to patients based upon their diagnosis and situation.

Successful patient-centered care comes from using a multidisciplinary team approach, which has been our model for more than 20 years. Our multidisciplinary oncology teams may include: