Volunteer Stories

Federal Way Coalition against Human Trafficking 5K

On Saturday, May 17th, 2014 the Federal Way Coalition against Human Trafficking announced that over $18000 had been raised with some money still coming in. We were proud to hold up the St. Francis banner one of the sponsoring organizations. Also these employees earned over 7000 steps in the Move My Spirit Wellness campaign.


Day of Organics

On May 17, 2014, Advancing Leadership of Federal Way hosted a wonderful fundraiser for the benefit of the Federal Way Community Gardens Foundation. The event was held at Truman High School, where the Foundation has one of their largest gardens. The day included games for children, a vintage fire truck, the State of Washington Exhibition Farm Truck, and the featured speaker, Ciscoe Morris, in addition to many community hosted booths.

Initial results indicate that the fundraiser may have exceeded $8,000 for the benefit of the Community Gardens Foundation!


Federal Way Farmers Market

SFH Helping Hands Pillar team members Les Soltis and Don Hall are joined by Joyce Molgaard at the Federal Way Farmers Market on May 10th. Don volunteered to promote the FWCAT (Federal Way Coalition Against Human Trafficking) 2nd annual 5K, and Joyce was volunteering for the Advancing Leadership 2014 class, promoting the Federal Way Community Gardens “Day of Organics”.

Both events are being held on Saturday, May 17th. The recipe for a fantastic volunteer event is; great weather, great people, great fun, great food and an appearance by Elvis.


McCarver Students Skate at Polar Plaza

skate 1Thursday, December 19th was one of my favorite days of the 2013 holiday season. I was fortunate enough to spend the day with 60 energetic McCarver Elementary students ice skating at the Polar Plaza rink in Tacoma. The students, who ranged in age, were members of the Peace Makers group at their school and visited the rink on a field trip.

For the majority of these children it was their first time on ice skates and it was thrilling to see their excitement as they hurriedly laced up their skates and made their way out on the ice. Some kids were fearless and sped off within seconds while others were more cautious and slowly made their way around the boards of the rink. I spent hours encouraging the kids, offering them a hand to hold or shoulder to lean on and helping them up if they took a fall. It was so amazing to watch the children as they learned this new skill; how they would help each other and how quickly their confidence grew on their ice skates. One especially memorable moment was when one of the children that I had spent a lot of time skating beside and helping up went skating past me squealing “Look at me…I’m doing it!”

skate 2After a couple of hours several of the students were attempting spins or skating backwards and others were linking together to make chains or trains. It was a challenge to get them off the ice to take a break for lunch because they didn’t want to stop skating! When it was time for them to return to school, many of the students thanked us and waved good-bye as they reluctantly took off their skates and returned to the bus. What the McCarver Peace Makers probably didn’t realize was that the volunteers were just as disappointed for the afternoon to end. Living in a culture in which children are often forced to grow up too fast, it was magical to witness them rediscover the joy and wonder of being a kid. More pictures.

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