Volunteering at St. Francis Hospital

SF Statue_RearThe volunteers at St. Francis Hospital are instrumental in helping us to fulfill our mission of providing quality, compassionate health care. Each year, our team of volunteers gives thousands of hours of loyal service in many different areas—from nursing units to gift shops and special events.

Volunteers play a very special role at St. Francis

Volunteers reach out with their individual talents, skills and interests to meet our needs; solve problems; and assist patients, their families and visitors. Our goal is to take your gifts of skills and knowledge and transfer them into useful volunteer work. This is your opportunity to share with us, stretch your abilities and become part of our healing environment. This is a flexible program designed to meet your individual needs and goals, and you'll learn new skills while you expand your circle of friends.

It is easy to become a Franciscan volunteer

Almost anyone dedicated to serving others can be a volunteer. All we ask is that you commit to a minimum of 100 hours or complete a minimum of four hours per week for at least six months. Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. You’ll receive orientation and training at the location where you choose to volunteer.

To learn more about how you can join our team of volunteers, call 253-944-7910, or see our online listing of volunteer opportunities available throughout CHI Franciscan Health.

“Our volunteers make the lives of our patients, employees and our physicians better. Their contributions are truly priceless. To each of our volunteers, I offer a heartfelt thank you.”
—Joe Wilczek
President and CEO
CHI Franciscan Health