Welcome to the My Record and MyChart Patient Portals

The My Record and MyChart patient portals give you the flexibility to access information from your health record at CHI Franciscan Health hospitals, clinics and other facilities. These portals are available over the internet, which means that you can use them from virtually anywhere. You can also use the portals to access information for family members and individuals for whom you provide care if given permission.

The portals allow you to access the following:

  • Patient Health Summaries
  • Allergies
  • Laboratory and Radiology Results
  • Medication List
  • Demographic Information
  • Visit History
  • Discharge Instructions

The portals are completely secure, so you can be confident that your private information is protected. Only you – or an authorized family member/caregiver – can access your health information.

My Record

My Record is the portal used to access information from your health record at St. Elizabeth Hospital. My Record is separate from MyChart that you can use to access this information from Franciscan Medical Group physicians and other Franciscan facilities.

NOTE: St. Elizabeth is transitioning to MyChart on May 7, 2016. Beginning on that date you will need to use MyChart to access information from your health record for any activity at St. Elizabeth that occurs after May 7. Information for activity at St. Elizabeth prior to May 7 will continue to be available in My Record.

Current Members
Current My Record Members
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To create a new My Record account you will need your Medical Record Number. If you do not have this, please contact the Health Information Management department at St. Elizabeth at 360-802-8510. If you would like more information, or are having difficulty logging in, please contact the My Record patient portal helpdesk at 1-855-663-8276.


The MyChart portal currently allows patients and family members to access information from your heath record at clinics and hospitals throughout CHI Franciscan Health. Starting May 7 you will be able to use MyChart to access this information for all CHI Franciscan Health locations including St. Elizabeth Hospital for activity starting May 7.

Current members login to MyChart

Enroll in MyChart

To create a new MyChart account you will need an activation code. If you do not have this, complete the request form online and an enrollment letter with your activation code will be mailed to you.