Inpatient Care

Inpatient Care at St. ElizabethNearly everyone spends some time in a hospital at some point in their lives. The Medical Surgical Unit at St. Elizabeth Hospital is well equipped to give you or your loved one the highest-quality care, whether it is a planned surgery or an emergency event. St. Elizabeth is a hospital that goes beyond clinic excellence and is focused on comfort and healing.

Inpatient services at St. Elizabeth are complete and comprehensive, provided by our experienced inpatient physicians and providers, to the surrounding Enumclaw community. And of course we have a large number of specialists also on our medical staff to care for you if you are hospitalized. We also have a staff of compassionate, highly skilled nurses to facilitate and expedite your care. All of our registered nurses have Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification.

Inpatient care at St. Elizabeth is provided in the Acute Care Unit, which includes our:

Medical Surgical Unit

In our Medical Surgical Unit, which consists of 15 private rooms, we care for acutely ill medical and surgical inpatients—for example, someone who has just had an orthopedic or abdominal surgery, or has pneumonia. These patients have 24-hour nursing care.

Critical Care Unit

The specialized nursing staff in our four-room Critical Care Unit care is for our most critically ill patients. These patients may need respiratory support and closely controlled and monitored drug infusions. In this unit, there is at least one nurse caring for every two patients around the clock.

Medical Observation Unit

Our Medical Observation Unit, which is comprised of four state-of-the-art comfortable gurneys in our same, spacious private rooms, is reserved for patients who are being evaluated to determine whether they need to be admitted into the hospital. For example, patients in this unit may be experiencing chest pain, a loss of consciousness, a reaction to medication, or other conditions that must be carefully monitored.