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Joint Camp Program

Joint Camp logoJoint Camp is available for patients having surgery at St. Anthony Hospital, St. Clare Hospital, St. Francis Hospital and St. Joseph Medical Center. The Joint Camp program removes the mystery from joint replacement surgery by enabling small groups of patients to go through the process together – from pre-surgical education and surgery to recover, rehabilitation and discharge. By involving patients in the process from the beginning, joint replacement surgery becomes a more positive, successful experience.

The goal of the joint camp program is to involve patients in the treatment process from the beginning, so that every step of their joint replacement journey is successful. Joint Camp includes several interactions with your care team of physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, certified nursing assistants and physical therapy assistants – all of whom specialize in total joint replacement care.

Joint camp includes:

Pre-operation education, where patients learn about all aspects of total joint surgery and rehabilitation. This includes anesthesia, the basics of joint anatomy, medications and what to expect after surgery. The staff also provides a list of community resources that are helpful in preparing for and planning for joint replacement surgery.

Post-surgical rehabilitation, where therapists demonstrate exercises that help strengthen muscles as well as show you how to use the different types of equipment you may need to use during the recovery process (crutches, walkers and more).

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