Computer-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery 

Computer-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Franciscan Orthopedic and Sports Medicine specialists throughout the Puget Sound region of Washington sometimes use computer-assisted joint replacement to improve the degree of accuracy and precision in joint replacement procedures through cameras and imaging and small surgical instruments.

Imaging technology allows the surgeon to see a computer generated picture representation of a patient's bones allowing them the potential to operate through smaller openings and with more precise, accurate alignment of bones. Also known as minimally-invasive surgery, this technology gives the surgeon detailed information from visual mapping before they make crucial decisions and necessary cuts. Fewer, smaller incisions offer the potential for faster recovery, less bleeding and less pain for patients.

This advancement is currently used for knee replacement surgeries; however, programs are being developed for hip replacement and other common orthopedic procedures.

Taking the first step

For knee or other joint conditions, an evaluation with an orthopedic surgeon will determine whether a knee replacement is an appropriate course of treatment for you, and whether computer-assisted methods will be used. Find an orthopedic physician who specializes in joint replacement.

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