The Luke Family Welcomes Newest Addition

St. Francis Hospital delivers on a personalized birth experience

Luke FamilyAt 37, Andrea Luke wanted a home birth. She had successfully delivered two children, and after trying seven years to conceive a third, she was now an older mom-to-be.

“My husband said ‘absolutely not’ to a home birth,” says Andrea. They chose Karen Robinson, MD, a Franciscan Medical Group obstetrician at Franciscan Women’s Health, and St. Francis Hospital for their delivery. “Dr. Robinson was always very supportive of my desires for a natural birth,” Andrea says.

“I really try to listen, to get to know my patients and understand their wishes,” says Dr. Robinson. “It is important for them to be comfortable—and heard.”

As her pregnancy progressed, Andrea developed gestational diabetes. The baby’s stress test results were also not quite where they should be, so a week before her due date, Dr. Robinson admitted Andrea to St. Francis and began induction. “We had the lights off and listened to music,” Andrea enthuses. “Our labor nurse even sat behind me and held the monitor in place so I could sit on the birthing ball. It was so much more comfortable for me. She would rub my back through contractions. My husband even got a little jealous!”

Karen Robinson, MDAfter laboring for 22 hours, the baby’s stress required that Andrea have an emergency Cesarean section. “I was afraid of a C-section all the way through my pregnancy,” Andrea says. “But I was watching my doctor and the nurses and I could see they knew exactly what they were doing. At that moment I felt very reassured. I trusted my doctor, and I trusted that team.”

Lovely Erynn Sarai safely entered the world on Valentine’s Day. “While I was still under anesthesia, our nurse put the baby’s face to mine so we could have skin-to-skin contact right away,” Andrea said. “This meant so much to us. The nurses were just wonderful—both before and after delivery.”

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