I Love that Hospital

Frank BaldiAt age 79, Frank Baldi is still active, working as a manufacturer’s representative for a commercial carpet company. When he needed a partial knee replacement, Frank turned to St. Joseph Medical Center, and he’s glad he did.

“I love that hospital,” Frank said. He is especially happy to have taken part in Joint Camp.

Joint Camp is CHI Franciscan Health’s unique and innovative program for patients having joint replacement surgery, and it was the first of its kind in this area. It removes the mystery from jointreplacement surgery by enabling small groups of patients to go through the process together — from pre-surgical education and surgery, to recovery, rehabilitation and discharge. People make friends, learn, participate in activities and cheer each other on to recovery.

Joint Camp allows patients to develop a sense of camaraderie when they work together to recover, said Richard Gray, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at St. Joseph Medical Center.

Richard Gray, MD“It’s beneficial for the patients to know they’re not the only ones going through this,” said Dr. Gray. “There’s a community feeling of ‘we’re all in this together.’ There’s a foundation of practical advice and guidance courtesy of the nurses and physical therapists.”

Frank said Joint Camp allowed him to get back on his feet after surgery. He took part in group activities like navigating stairs and using a putting green to practice fine motions. “They provided the individual help that I needed,” he said.

“Joint Camp wasn’t just a useful part of my recovery,” Frank said. “It was a great experience, too.”

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