Procedure: Distal gastric bypass
Surgeon: Dr. Ki Oh
Date of surgery: November 2004
Height: 5 6
Weight before surgery: 282 lbs.
Total weight loss: 147 lbs

Why she had distal gastric bypass surgery

I was always the chubby child growing up. I was not motivated and was your typical couch potato. I tried all of the popular diets and tried to go it alone. I suffered from fatigue and had a lot of aching joints from my extra weight.

Her biggest post procedure challenge

I have a young daughter and in addition take care of some other children so being laid up after surgery was difficult. The protein shakes took some getting used to but now I am used to them. It is all part of a new life that is so much better.

How life has changed with the distal gastric bypass surgery

The biggest change for me has been the amount of energy I have. Previously I was just a couch potato and was always tired. Now I run circles around others - including my daughter. She tells me - You're a princess mommy! I always wanted to be the princess - not the chubby kid in the corner.

Advice for other considering gastric bypass surgery

You really have to plan out how you are going to handle your new life. It is possible to gain the weight back if you think you can just wing it. Of course, learn all you can. A great way to do this is to attend the support groups. I still go to the group that meets at St. Francis.