Procedure: Gastric bypass
Surgeon: Dr. Ki Oh
Date of surgery: August 2003
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight before surgery: 242 lbs.
Total weight loss: 113 lbs

Why did she want the weight loss surgery?

I was focused on eating all of the time. I would get rashes in the heat and got tired from walking just short distances. I hated to shop for clothes. My family is obese. My weight was constantly increasing as I got older. My blood pressure was rising as well. I had issues with stroke, diabetes and blood pressure. My father’s health scared me and I knew I had to make a life change.

Her biggest post procedure challenge

It is difficult to get in all of the protein shakes on a regular basis as well as the vitamins. I have had a hard time with anemia.

How life has changed since gastric bypass surgery

Wow! People are so much nicer to me now. I love to shop for clothes and have so many more options. I can wear summer clothes comfortably.

Advice for other considering gastric bypass surgery

Do your homework. Be as informed as you can be. Make sure that it is your decision and not anybody else’s. Utilize your resources. has a wealth of information. Married couples need to seek out counseling and therapy. The non affected spouse can have their own issues and it can cause a lot of strife that may lead to divorce. Confronting these issues before surgery is critical to the relationship.