CHI Franciscan Health Stories

Melissa THColon Cancer Survivor
If there was a picture in the dictionary that went along with the definition of compassion, it would be Dr. Kanneganti.
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Barry and WynettaWeight Loss Surgery
Barry and Wynetta
We had the surgeries close together so we could learn from and support each other.
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FrankHeart Care
I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do this surgery than Dr. Hampton or a better hospital to have it done than St. Joseph.
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Frank ThumbKnee Replacement Surgery
Frank Baldi
“Joint Camp wasn’t just a useful part of my recovery,” Frank said. “It was a great experience, too.”
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NormanHeart Care
It was so convenient to have all of these tests done within one single visit, each test was done by a different individual and they were so professional.
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BillyHeart Care
I feel really lucky that I was able to receive all the care I needed close to where I live and can easily travel to see them for follow-up exams.
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Barbara SilverfeatherHeart Care
I felt like Dr. Hecker knew everything I was going through and she took the time to thoroughly explain everything to me along the way.
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Kevin RoundtreeTesticular Cancer Survivor
I needed to keep moving, keep working and keep living. They helped me to do that.
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George MadsenProstate Cancer Survivor
Dr. Mastras comes across as very human, very down to earth, and has a great sense of humor.
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Leo Hastings THProstate Cancer Survivor
After I met Dr. Johnston I felt confident that I was in good hands, he seemed to know and understand what he was talking about, and he didn’t talk around corners.
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John NaegeleProstate Cancer Survivor
In all cases I’ve felt very confident and trusted that CHI Franciscan was giving me the best information.
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Bill SzporProstate Cancer Survivor
Dr. Arroyo spent time with my wife and I, and he talked to us about everything.
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Mavis ThumbVirtual Urgent Care
Without the service, I would have been sick the whole weekend, I felt a million times better.
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Jeanne ThumbVirtual Urgent Care
It was the smoothest, easiest, most convenient thing. I didn’t even have to go to the doctor.
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Kristen ThumbVirtual Urgent Care
I described my symptoms and got some information about self-care that ended up being very helpful.
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Kim ThumbVirtual Urgent Care
It exceeded every expectation I had for urgent care, I will definitely use Virtual Urgent Care again, and I’ve told friends about it, too.
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Gretchen and Dan TestimonialBreast Cancer Survivor
If you have to go through chemo, I would rate the experience at the cancer center very highly.
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Diane and Andrew TestimonialBreast Cancer Survivor
He was sensitive to the issues and addressed any questions or concerns that we had and he took the time to make sure we understood the answers.
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Kerie and Aaron TestimonialBreast Cancer Survivor
Dr. Blau is brilliant but she doesn’t talk like an academic. She uses laymen terms so you understand everything.
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Maggie and Family TestimonialBreast Cancer Survivor
Her capacity for compassion, and at the same time getting right to the point, is pretty amazing.
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Eileen and Robert TestimonialBreast Cancer Survivor
They were talking to both of us from a very humanistic and holistic perspective.
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Heidi and Family TestimonialBreast Cancer Survivor
I trusted the doctors, they knew what they were doing and they attacked the problem.
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Judy 90Knee Replacement Surgery
I can walk without pain and run around with my little grandson. I’m a much happier person.
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Toby 90Arthroscopic Surgery
As someone who’s an extremely active person and doesn’t sit down very often, I was happy to be back on my feet as soon as I possibly could.
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Rachel 90Arthroscopic Surgery
I’m incredibly grateful to Dr. Vaughan for putting me back together again and allowing me to go on doing what I love to do.
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Luke Family THFamily Birth Center
Luke Family
At that moment I felt very reassured. I trusted my doctor, and I trusted that team.
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ReedPalliative Care
Reed Family
“They helped us focus on living the life we have now to the fullest,” Marianne says.
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Liz Engler THJoint Replacement Surgery
A hike up Crystal Mountain would never have been possible before her joint replacement surgery.
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Frank Changa testimonialRobot-assisted Surgical Prostatectomy
Frank Changa
I feel extremely lucky that … this surgical technique was available.
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SallieDistal Gastric Bypass Surgery
The surgery and weight loss give you more control of your life.
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Ann StrongWeight Loss Surgery
Ann Strong
I tell everyone that Dr. Oh saved my life.
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TeheresaDistal Gastric Bypass Surgery
The biggest change for me has been the amount of energy I have.
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Maria GudaitisErratic Heartbeat
Maria Gudaitis
Why did I wait so long?
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SeanDistal RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery
Life is GREAT now!
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Tim SimonSleep Therapy
Tim Simon
Now I can drive all day without feeling tired.
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NadineSleeve Gastrectomy Surgery
I can now do all the activities I haven’t been able to do for so many years.
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Marta IdowuChronic Pain
Marta Idowu
At last, I feel like my old self again.
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TerraLap-Band Surgery
I am willing to put myself out in the world and do things that my weight has always held me back from.
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Ronald JohnsonTrigeminal Neuralgia
Ronald Johnson
It’s absolutely wonderful.
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Andrea thumbnailReconstructive Breast Surgery
And for the first time, when I woke up in recovery, I felt ok.
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Bea ChristophersonCarpal Tunnel Syndrome
Bea Christophersen
I’m ready to get back to work.
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Melody CantyUterine Fibroid Embolization
Melody Canty
It was an excellent choice for me.
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Barnes ThumbnailLife-saving Care
Tina Barnes
I feel better than I’ve felt in years.
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Dillard BassHyperbaric Medicine
Dillard Bass
I want everybody to know about this advance procedure.
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Dick BrynsteadKnee Replacement Surgery
Dick Brynstead
I feel 80 years young again
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Dave Budik  testimonialHeart Health
David Budik
I feel great.
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RochelleGastric Bypass Surgery
I love to shop for clothes and have so many more options.
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Arsanto FamilyFamily Birth Center
Arsanto Family
Everyone here really cares about you personally, and your experience.
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Gary Hill, Sr.Knee Replacement Surgery
Gary Hill, Sr.
Knee replacement gets better every year—lowering risks, improving longevity and decreasing pain and recovery time.
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Tony ChurskyHip Replacement
Tony Chursky
I was cycling eight weeks after surgery, it feels great to be back to running and coaching without pain.
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David LoceyKnee Replacement Surgery
David Locey
The support was amazing. They didn’t push, but yet made me want to push myself.
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Gaylen WoodBack Surgery
Gaylen Wood
They explained my options so I could make a decision about treatment. Just knowing that I have this access to care takes a lot of pressure off.
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Bob's StoryHeart Care
Bob said he believed in Dr. Reed’s skill and in the care he was getting and the relationships he had forged at Harrison.
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Jeff BonnellMinimally Invasive Heart Surgery
[CHI] Franciscan got me on the mountain again, I have never felt better!
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Barb's StoryTumor Survivor
With her balance back, Barb is able to again enjoy motorcycle rides with her husband, Gary.
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DonnaAVM Pain
After Gamma Knife treatment, Donna says "I’ve got my life back."
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SharonTrigeminal Neuralgia
It’s like the pain never happened.
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