The Arsanto Family Welcomes Jameson

St. Elizabeth Hospital delivers: Welcoming baby close to home

Arsanto FamilyLindsey Arsanto doesn’t remember much about her first child’s birth over three years ago—an emergency Cesarean section in a downtown Seattle hospital.

This afternoon, just hours after giving birth to her second child at St. Elizabeth Hospital, she is happily sharing her story. “This has been such a completely different experience,” she says. “I’m awake, I can have visitors; I can breastfeed. I feel great!”

After her first childbirth experience, Lindsey, now 28, with her obstetrician Robert Gramann, MD, chose a scheduled Cesarean birth; close to home at St. Elizabeth Hospital.

“The maturity of the top-notch family birth center nursing and anesthesia services really provides a very satisfying birth experience for our patients,” says Dr. Gramann. “The personalized touch we’ve always had stays, and now we have this beautiful facility to complete the experience.”

Robert GramannThe Buckley-area family welcomed Jameson about four hours after check-in. “They got us all settled in and explained the whole process first, so going into the operating room felt completely comfortable,” Lindsey says. “Not only is the new hospital beautiful, but the customer care is outstanding. Everyone here really cares about you personally, and your experience.”

She adds, “My husband isn’t talked into it yet, but when we’re ready for our third, we’ll definitely be repeat customers!”

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