Palliative Care

CoupleLiving with serious illness can bring overwhelming challenges, but under the right care, people can still live comfortably and fully. Fortunately, Franciscan offers special care called palliative care.

How it works

While anyone may ask for a palliative care referral, our award-winning program provides consultation services to patients and their families upon a primary physician's approval.

Palliative care can take place in the comfort of home (outreach program) or in a hospital (palliative medicine), depending on the best course for treatment and care discussed by you, your family and physician. The most important factor is that Franciscan Palliative Care goes where the patient needs it.

The Franciscan Palliative Care team

Our team visits patients to help manage their pain and symptoms, communicate what patients can expect as their illness progresses, and help them make informed choices with dignity. Each patient faces unique circumstances, so we tailor your program to best suit your needs and offer the best possible outcome for you.

Hospice referrals

If hospice care becomes necessary, our palliative care team can help you, your family and your physician know when that time is right. We can discuss the philosophy of hospice and the hospice Medicare benefit, and will connect you with a community hospice program.

How to get started

To start hospice and palliative care services, call 866-969-7028.
For general information, call 800-338-8305.