da Vinci® Surgical System Technology

da VinciThe da Vinci® Surgical System is the only commercially available technology that can provide the surgeon with the precision, dexterity and control of traditional open surgery, while only requiring 1-2 cm incisions. The da Vinci system includes an ergonomically designed console, four interactive robotic arms, patented EndoWrist instruments, and a high performance vision system.

Surgeons operate while seated comfortably, viewing in highly magnified 3D, while working master controls like forceps. As this happens, the system responds real-time with precise hand, wrist and finger movements. The automated processes, plus comfort for the surgeon, means far less fatigue for the surgeon.

During surgery, the da Vinci System performs millions of safety self-checks. The System is designed to be fail-safe, which means that in the event of power interruption or a safety-check failure, the System is designed to shut down safely, allowing the surgeon to remain in control of the procedure.