CenteringPregnancy®: A Group Prenatal Program

**Exclusively offered to patients of Franciscan Women’s Health Associates at St. Joseph and Franciscan Women’s Health Associates - Pearl Place. Classes are held on the St. Joseph Medical Center campus. To learn more or to register, call: 253-274-7501.

Sometimes sharing your pregnancy with other women who know exactly what you’re going through is the best way to learn and feel confident about this wonderful journey. CenteringPregnancy® is a group-visit prenatal care program that offers the three major components of prenatal care: health checks, education and support. If you’re a working mom, on your second pregnancy or just interested in collaborating with other women with similar due dates, CenteringPregnancy® is for you! All appointments are scheduled up-front and are generally held in the evening or on weekends, so you know what to expect.

How it works

  • eight to 12 pregnant women with similar gestational ages meet together to participate in a facilitated discussion starting at approximately 12 - 16 weeks
  • a CHI Franciscan Health nurse-midwife facilitates the sessions, other clinicians and educators provide additional content about resources that are beneficial during and after pregnancy
  • the participants’ spouses or partners are invited to attend
  • each pregnancy group meets for a total of 10 sessions throughout pregnancy and in the weeks after delivery
  • the sessions are typically covered by private insurance and Medicaid, so there is no out-of pocket cost to participants
  • the CenteringPregnancy® group visits take the place of regular one-on-one visits

Why should I consider CenteringPregnancy?

  • the program has proven to decrease pre-term delivery and post-partum depression rates
  • patients using this program are more engaged, better informed, and ask their providers more in-depth questions about their pregnancy
  • you benefit from the support of your group members