Childbirth Care

When the time finally arrives to give birth, the team at Franciscan is ready to meet your specific needs with expert childbirth care, creating a safe and memorable experience for your family. When you walk in the door, you receive:

Personalized attention

From private labor rooms with whirlpool tubs and comfortable post-delivery suites, to bassinet, rocking chair and meals, you, your baby, and your support partner will receive a wonderful array of amenities and all the attention you need through childbirth and beyond.

Expert care

At Franciscan, we respect all of your choices for childbirth, pain management, feeding your baby and so on. We encourage you to attend our childbirth preparation classes to help you make these choices. For whatever you decide, our childbirth experts are by your side every step of the way.

Managing pain during childbirth is critical. We offer a range of options for controlling pain, from simple breathing techniques to anesthesia. Our labor tools include labor balls and stools, relaxation techniques and hydrotherapy. For women who elect to receive anesthesia, anesthesiologists are available around the clock to give an epidural, a regional anesthesia injected into the lower back in the area surrounding the spine. This numbs the entire lower half of the body.

We offer other access to care including inpatient lactation consultants, social services, on-unit ultrasound, and more.

Advanced, specialized care when you need it

When a vaginal birth is not possible, a C-section – also called a Cesarean section – will be performed, a common and safe surgical procedure performed while the mother is awake after an anesthetic has been given, and with a support person generally present.

Franciscan even offers the option of having a vaginal birth after a previous birth by C-section. Read more about vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), available at Franciscan Family Birth Center at St Joseph.