After Delivery – Postpartum Care

After delivery, we will be there to help give your baby the best possible start, and to make sure new mothers receive the postpartum care they need after childbirth. Nurses at all Franciscan Family Birth Centers have extended education and qualifications to provide postpartum care and to answer the most common questions from new mothers, such as how to care for your new baby and to arrange lactation consultation if needed.

Recovery for mom

Pregnancy and childbirth can be relatively easy or extremely difficult on women – physically and psychologically. For women who experience significant pain following birth, there are a number of medications available at varying strengths. Options range from oral analgesics, to patient-controlled analgesics and spinal narcotics. Depending on the type of birth and degree of pain following labor, women regularly stay in the hospital between one and three days. Prior to leaving the hospital, your doctor will talk with you about scheduling follow-up appointments.

Remember follow up appointments for your new baby too! Learn more about our pediatric care and doctors.

Postpartum depression

In addition to the major bodily changes that happen after childbirth, some women suffer from varying degrees of postpartum depression. It may occur soon after delivery or up to a year later. Most of the time, it occurs within the first four weeks after delivery.

Symptoms of postpartum depression are similar to those of major depression. If you experience depression after giving birth, contact your doctor immediately.

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