Advanced Care for High-Risk Mothers and Babies

When extra care is needed for any kind of complication, CHI Franciscan Health is among the best in the region to provide the necessary care and medical expertise. We offer a knowledgeable and experienced maternal medicine team (perinatologists) for high-risk pregnancies, and skilled neonatologists for the care of premature and fragile newborns.

For moms with a high risk pregnancy

Various things can cause high-risk complications for a pregnant woman or her unborn child – the mother’s age, chronic medical conditions, growth abnormalities in the baby, previous premature birth, etc. Whenever the health of either mom or baby is a concern, referral to maternal fetal care, by your doctor or midwife, is an important step.

Franciscan has Maternal-Fetal Medicine clinics in Tacoma, Federal Way, Gig Harbor and Burien to provide a comprehensive range of specialized services for both mother and baby, including:

  • High-risk management for complicated pregnancies
  • Management of multiple gestations
  • Management of maternal medical complications, such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac disease, seizure disorders and thyroid disease
  • Full range of prenatal risk screenings, beginning in the first trimester

Maternal-fetal medicine specialists, or perinatologists, are obstetrician-gynecologists specially trained and experienced in the area of high-risk pregnancies. They work in consultation with your OB/GYN physician or family practice obstetrician.

Franciscan Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates at St. Francis
Franciscan Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates at St. Joseph
Franciscan Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates – Gig Harbor
Franciscan Women’s Health Associates – Burien  

For the critical care of fragile newborns

In addition to maternal-fetal medical care during high-risk pregnancies, Franciscan Family Birth Centers are equipped with Special Care Nurseries and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Joseph Medical Center for fragile newborns.

Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

NICU care is now available at St. Joseph Medical Center for fragile infants born as young as 28 weeks and weighing 1000 grams (or just over two pounds).

St. Francis Family Birth Center features a Level II Special Care Nursery for premature infants born at 34 weeks gestation who require special care

Both specialties provide dedicated support to mothers and babies during pregnancy and delivery.