3D Mammography

Franciscan offers 3D mammography, the most advanced screening technology available for providing accurate imaging. Also called digital breast tomosynthesis (or ‘tomo’), 3D mammography is the latest screening and diagnostic breast imaging technology that improves early detection of breast cancer from 10-30%. It is used in combination with conventional 2D to provide an enhanced 3D image of the breast. The experience will be similar to mammograms experienced in the past. During the 3D part of the exam, an x-ray arm sweeps over the breast, taking multiple images in seconds. No additional compression is required and the additional imaging only takes a few more seconds.

Conventional mammography

2D mammography, which takes two-dimensional (or 2D) pictures of the breast for screening and diagnostic purposes, continues to be an effective and viable screening and diagnostic tool and is used in the vast majority of breast cancer screenings.

Mammography screening appointments available

You do not need a physician’s referral for an annual screening mammogram. To make an appointment for a screening mammogram, or for more information, please call:

3D Mammography available now!

Franciscan Breast Center at St. Francis, Federal Way 253-944-4025
Franciscan Medical Pavilion - Bonney Lake 253-573-7320
Carol Milgard Breast Center, Tacoma 253-759-2622

3D coming in 2014

Milgard Medical Pavilion at St. Anthony, Gig Harbor 253-530-2655
St. Elizabeth Mammography, Enumclaw 360-802-8570