Research Center Sponsors - Facilities and Equipment

Our main clinic provides 2 patient exam rooms complete with 12-lead EKG machine, and sphygmomanometer. Responsibilities of the Principal Investigators and the Sub-Investigators they oversee include:

  • participant Identification and screening
  • assist with patient consenting
  • participant physical exams and counseling
  • conduct protocol specific physician procedures
  • completion of appropriate source documents and clinic charting

Each protocol is assigned a Lead Study Coordinator who is assisted by and oversees a team of professional study coordinators and research associates. Responsibilities include:

  • patient Screening and consenting
  • collection of protocol specific laboratory specimens and study procedures
  • diary counseling and verification
  • study drug assignment/instructions
  • completion of coordinator pages of sources documents
  • scheduling follow up study visits
  • shipping laboratory specimens

On Site ECG equipment
Fully stocked certified emergency crash cart
Daily Maintained Temperature logs for the following:

  • secure, locked, climate controlled study drug storage
  • freezers (-20° and -70°)
  • refrigerator
  • dry ice available
Investigational product supply room
  • CHI Franciscan Health Research Center provides safe and secure investigational supply rooms for study drug storage
  • controlled Substance Registration Certification (Schedule II, III, IIIN, IV, & V)
  • double verification at time of drug dispensing
  • limited access room
  • protected by two secured doors and locked storage area
  • certified ventilation hoods/glove boxes for preparation of IV medications
  • scientific refrigerator with alarm (monitored 24 hours a day)
  • climate controlled and documented
  • secured 33 cubic foot refrigerator
  • all equipment is maintained regularly with documentation per GCP, GLP guidelines

Sample storage
Long and short term storage of samples is available. We have -70° and -20° freezers to accommodate your specific trial needs. Our freezers are backed up by a generator to ensure the value of your information.

IT capabilities
All sites are linked through a Wide Area Network utilizing Internet Explorer. Coordinating staff members are fluent and efficient with "Remote Data Entry" and internet based Case Report Forms.