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Recruitment demographics
CHI Franciscan Health Research Center has conducted a number of trials in various volunteer programs. The population of the greater Tacoma/Seattle area is 2 million. Tacoma's population, with significant ethnic and cultural diversity, is consistent with U.S. demographics, providing a broad subject base for investigators.

Subject population
Over 90% of our enrolled participants are recruited from physicians' practices or from within our hospitals. Thus, established patients with documented medical histories are enrolled into Franciscan conducted studies. Franciscan Research Center also has relationships with a variety of medical specialists, which allows for completion of studies in specialized patient populations or which require specialized procedures.

Monitoring visits
Monitors are provided a private room with ample space to conduct monitoring duties. Monitors are provided use of a telephone along with access to fax and copier machines.

Case report forms / queries
Each site employs study coordinators and research associates who complete CRFs. This expedites query resolution prior to facilitating an efficient monitoring visit.