Physical Therapy

After an injury or surgery, physical therapy can help restore or improve flexibility and range of motion and relieve pain. It can also help reduce the need for surgery and prescription medication.

Physical therapy services

Here you’ll find experienced physical therapists who work with you one-on-one to understand your needs and create a plan to achieve your goals. Our services include:

  • Body mechanics, designed to improve posture, coordination and stamina
  • Geriatric rehabilitation to help seniors remain independent, including our SAFE program for fall prevention
  • Help for vestibular (balance) disturbances
  • Lymphedema therapy, including manual lymph drainage and custom garment fitting
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Orthopedic therapy, including total joint replacement rehabilitation
  • Pediatric rehabilitation
  • Pelvic therapy to improve conditions such as incontinence, general and pregnancy-related back pain, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse and more
  • Headaches, offering a variety of treatment techniques to treat migraines, cervicogenic headaches, and cluster and tension headaches.

Make an appointment

Physical therapy services are offered at all CHI Franciscan therapy locations. If you’ve received a referral for physical therapy from your doctor, call the location nearest you to schedule an appointment.