Spine Surgery

Whether through injury or disease, back and neck pain can have a major effect on your quality of life. CHI Franciscan Health offers a multidisciplinary approach to the assessment and treatment of back problems. From initial evaluation at our Spine Center, to non-surgical or surgical treatment, our expert team of orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and other specialists provide a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plan that will get you back to living the life you love.

Common spinal surgeries include:

Diskectomies - the most common surgical treatment for ruptured or herniated discs of the lumbar spine

Fusion surgeries - surgery to fuse portions of the spine to minimize pain often associated with conditions caused by degenerative changes in cervical discs

Laminectomy - typically performed to alleviate pain from spinal stenosis

Decompression surgeries - various surgical procedures intended to relieve symptoms caused by pressure on the spinal cord and/or nerve roots

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The first step in treating any orthopedic condition is to schedule a consultation with a specialist. Your primary care doctor may refer you to one or you can get a refer to a specialist on staff at CHI Franciscan by calling 1-888-825-3227 or find an orthopedic surgeon near you.

Attend a free Health Talk

One of the best ways to better understand your condition and meet a physician on staff at CHI Franciscan is to attend a free health talk. There, you can get your questions answered by one of our leading orthopedic specialists and get more information on the latest treatment options for joint replacement, foot and ankle pain, back ailments, sports medicine and more. View a list of upcoming talks.