Hip Resurfacing

Hip Resurfacing - Orthopedic Services For younger, more active people needing a hip replacement, there is a high chance that a traditional hip replacement will wear out during their lifetime and need to be replaced again. A second replacement (revision) is much more difficult and consequently may last a shorter time than the original replacement. The hip specialists at Franciscan Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, in clinics located throughout the Puget Sound region of Washington, can help determine the best hip procedure for you.

Hip resurfacing vs. hip replacement

During a hip replacement, the hip socket and/or upper thigh bone made of various materials and liners, is totally replaced. On the other hand, hip resurfacing is a type of hip replacement which replaces the two surfaces of the actual hip joint, not the joint itself.

The procedure is very bone conserving as the head of the femur is retained. Instead of removing the head completely, it is shaped to accept an anatomically sized metal sphere. There is no large stem to go down the central part of the femur and the surface of the acetabulum (the socket) is also replaced with a metal implant, which is press fit directly into the bone.

The resurfacing components are made of 'As Cast' cobalt chrome which is finely machined to produce a very high quality surface with a low friction finish, hence low wear.

Who is a candidate for hip resurfacing?

  • primarily intended for people needing hip replacement at a younger age
  • for people needing a replacement under the age of 55
  • people aged between 55 and 65 who are very active and otherwise fit may also be suitable (as determined by their bone quality and activity level)
  • the procedure is rarely considered for people over the age of 65 however because a conventional type of hip replacement in somebody of this age group stands an extremely good chance of lasting them the rest of their life

Taking the first step

An evaluation with an orthopedic surgeon will determine whether hip resurfacing is an appropriate course of treatment for you. Find an orthopedic physician who specializes in joint replacement.

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