Outpatient Nutrition Education Center

Chicken SaladLocated at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, we offer complete nutrition care services and education to patients and residents of the South Sound. We provide individual nutrition counseling and support for chronic conditions and illnesses, and for everyone who wants to learn to eat better to live better.

Make an appointment

Appointments are available without a physician referral by calling 253-426-4926. A referral form can be printed for your doctor to fax to 253-426-4415. You may want to consult your insurance carrier about coverage for outpatient nutrition education services.

New! Body Composition Analyzer

Would you like to know more about how your body uses food for fuel? Personal body composition analysis is available for just $15. Learn how many calories you burn a day and how many you need to consume to maintain or lose weight. Find out your current and optimal body fat percentage. Call 253-426-4926 for more details or to make an appointment.

Individual nutrition counseling

Registered dietitians are experts in nutrition, educating and motivating others to eat better for improved health. Dietitians at St. Joseph provide counseling for: